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Sadly there are many problems coming to the fore right now, COVID is part of it, but the shortages of shipping containers, goods to put in them, metals, building supplies, and practically everything is causing issues on a scale never seen before, certainly not in our lifetime.

Even food shortages are now starting to bite around the world, and WILL arrive in the UK before too long. We are on the edge of collapse, whether you believe COVID is the cause, or that COVID is being used as an excuse for what is happening, we can all agree it’s bad, and will get worse.

Best rapper on Earth

Robert Malone - Inventor of mRNA - Antibody Dependent Enhancement is Happening

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Australia I Love You

Barrister was told in Oct 2020 by MP that you'd have to get a Vax

Australia - 141 are in hospital - ZERO are unvaxxed! 140 Double Jabbed. 1 Has 1 Jab.

This is what Vaccine Blood Clots Look Like (warning - gruesome)

USA - Farmers Being Forced to Destroy Crops by Government

USA - True Numbers of Vaccine Deaths Over 45,000

Food Shortages in South Africa

Protests in France Against Macron

Greek Protest Against Mandatory Covid Passports