A Series of Important Videos by Dr Mike Yeadon, Former VP and Head of Respiratory Diseases at Pfizer.

As you’ll no doubt be aware there is one narrative, only one narrative, and any scientist, doctor, or expert who dares to contradict is silenced, libelled, cancelled and ignored. Dr Yeadon has many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, indeed with one of the companies that made one of the main vaccines.

His thoughts and warnings should be of major interest to anyone who wants to contemplate whether what we are being told is the truth or not, and to learn and understand the reality of these jabs so that they can make an informed choice as to whether they should get one or not.

Dr Yeadon stands to make nothing out of this, in fact by speaking out his career and reputation have probably been seriously hindered. He comes across as an honest, thoughtful, caring and compassionate person. At the very least you should listen to what he has to say and think about the implications if he is right.

Thoughts on COVID

Vaccine Passports


Don't Take the Jab

Planet Lockdown Interview