Fear is the ONLY Tool They Have

When I am here Death is not. When Death is here I am not. With death comes an end to all experience and sensation, there is neither pleasure nor pain. Why should I fear something that can only exist when I do not? The fear of death comes from the belief that in death, is experience.

If I don’t follow the rules – I might die!

If I don’t wear a mask – I might die!

If I don’t socially distance – I might die.

If I don’t take the jabs – I might die.


Well, considering that you can still catch the disease, and die from it even with the jabs, and with the possibility of ADE (worse disease pathology), and the risk that you might get medium or long term side effects that could harm you, or that you could have an almost immediate blood clotting issue – well you could die anyway, jabbed or not.

Don’t be afraid of death, we all end up there one way or another, and once you’re there you know nothing about it, there is no regret or pain of suffering.

It is your fear of death that gives them power over you to bend you to their will.

Do your own thinking, check out the simple maths to make up your own mind, and watch the videos of Sucharit Bhakdi, Mike Yeadon, and Geert Vanden Bossche for more thoughts on what the jabs may or may not do, what covid may or may not be, and then make up your own mind for yourself.