In the last few months 5 Presidents have either died suddenly and quickly, or been assassinated.

These included the Presidents of Tanzania (John Pombe Mangufuli), Haiti (Jovenel Moïse), Eswatini (Ambrose Dlamini), Ivory Coast (Hamed Bakayoko), and Burundi (Pierre Nkurunziza).

It is claimed that Mangufuli and Dlamini died of COVID – an ironic fortune for the pushers of COVID jabs, since the thing that all 5 of these leaders have in common is that….

…They all refused to implement COVID “vaccination” programmes to their people.

Reportedly the President of Madagascar (Andry Rajoelina) is also refusing vaccines, so let’s hope he doesn’t suddenly drop dead or die at the hands of a pharmaceutical company assassin as well.

[Since I posted this the authorities in Madagascar have arrested a number of foreign nationals who had gone there to assassinate the President – wow, I must be psychic].

[Since posting this article the Mexican president has become highly critical of the pharma companies and refused to roll out jabs to kids – will he suddenly drop dead or be assassinated now? Covid 19 – the “co” stands for coincidence]

Odd coincidence eh?

Just like all those deaths after vaccine shots – they are all coincidences too.

Maybe that’s what COVID is – a virus that creates mind bending and improbable coincidences, because it certainly isn’t what the media and your Government are telling you.

They want you to get that jab at all costs and above all other consideration, so you need to at least ask yourself why that is, and contemplate on what if you are not being told the truth.

And you need to do that and come to a conclusion before they start jabbing children and babies.

Perhaps a good place to start would be to forget all of the nonsense the media, your government and the supposed “experts” have told you, start with a fresh mind like it’s the first time you’ve heard of COVID, or even imagine it’s something else like BoogieWoogie syndrome, and then look at some simple maths.

Then decide if any of the things we are being demanded to do make any sense at all.