Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

Pathogenic Priming

Cytokine Storm

What is Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) or Pathogenic Priming, or a Cytokine Storm?

For more information from one of the leading virus experts in the world, read this interview with Professor Ian Frazer of Melbourne University.

Basically the upshot is this: we have never produced a safe coronavirus vaccine ever, because when the vaccinated come into contact with the live virus their immune system goes into overdrive and the disease pathology is worse than if you hadn’t been vaccinated.

Your immune system, thanks to the vaccine is pathogenically primed to respond in a vigourous way that is far, far more powerful than your innate immune system response, meaning that your upper respiratory tract, the mucous membranes, lung tissues, lung cells, etc will be attacked by your own immune system causing swelling and inflammation that may well kill you.

Your immune system will, in essence go to war with your own bodily cells and tissues.

The over-reaction of your immune system is known as a cytokine storm, where the response gets stronger and stronger and stronger and cannot turn itself off, and with a coronavirus, it could be SARS-COV-2, or a common cold or any of the other coronaviruses that circulate in colder months.

This has been seen before in the real world in humans, for example in the RSV vaccines which killed numerous children before being withdrawn, and in Dengue vaccines where the same thing happened.

This phenomenon causes a non-lethal virus (remember that covid has a 99.7%+ recovery rate or non-lethal rate depending on age and illness) and can turn it inot an almost certain killer disease.

Not because the disease is more deadly, but because the vaccine amplifies your immune response to it and makes the outcome much, much worse.

My prediction for this autumn and winter is this:

  1. Illness and deaths will be far higher and far worse than previously;
  2. They will claim it’s a new variant of covid, and will probably, idiotically push people to get more jabs;
  3. They will claim it is the fault of the un-vaccinated, when it is the vaccine doing the killing;
  4. I also predict massive food shortages this winter, crops have failed worldwide. In China there is massive flooding (and in other places too), and in the US and other places have been severe droughts. In the US they have refused to allow farmers water for their crops and are now paying farmers to destroy crops – if they do not comply, they will lose their funding next year and will go bust. So this is a deliberate man made food shortage. They’ll say it’s because of covid and lockdowns and shipping issues and is the fault of the unjabbed;
  5. On top of that I expect a “cyber attack” that will knock out power etc for weeks, so in winter – deaths through disease, no food, no heat, no way to cook any food you might have. It’s going to be horrendous, and is nothing to do with covid, it’s your politicians doing it deliberately;

So basically it’s now clear – they are planning a cull of the human herd, and plan on turning us all against each other, to make us blame each other for it, so we fight ourselves instead of going after the people who did it – the politicians and globalists like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.

Believe it or not, but it’s coming and in 6 months you can either look back and laugh at me or wonder how you didn’t see it coming.

If you’re still alive.